UK Best Scratch Cards for All Types of Players

If you are aiming to win the lottery and become a millionaire, well, chances are, you and more than a million other bettors are also hoping for it making your chances of winning that coveted jackpot prize very slim, however, there are even more ways to be in with to boost your chances of winning that jackpot and earn a lot of money.

In this post, let us talk about the best scratch cards that you can buy and win as much as a million pounds with better odds and winning chances.

Below are some of the best online scratch cards that are all the most popular scratch cards available in the United Kingdom considering that there are a lot of British scratch cards out there which might confuse you which one to buy. This post is also hoping that it will open up more minds of online gamblers to try out the online version of scratch cards because of its exciting different varieties that you can buy and a lot more being launched this year. Whether you just want to play for a few cards or your ultimate goal to win that million pounds, there might be one scratch card listed in here that can be your ticket to financial stability.

You might notice that there is something for everyone if they play online scratch cards, but not all scratch cards are the same, it may differ greatly when it comes to its total cost, the odds of winning the jackpot prizes as well as the minor prizes, and whether you are interested in a cheap option or want to go all in for the millions. You have plenty of choices to choose from, but listed below are the best Scratch Cards UK has with options you can have to come from a survey conducted that asks bettors which scratch cards are the best for them.

The list below is not ranked and any of these scratch cards are not in exact order.

  • 33 Chances- Unlike other scratch cards, it does exactly what it says, giving you 33 chances to win real money. Sold every ticket at just £2, it will give you great value for a cheap online scratch card which gives more than its worth. To win in this scratch card, all you have to do is to reveal three winning numbers from the nine that is available there, but you can earn an extra chance or you can increase your winnings up to ten times if you reveal three £10 symbols and an x10 that will sum up your total winnings up to £100.
  • £100,000 CASH- True to its name, this scratch card will offer you ten different prize tiers, and a chance to win £100-pound cold cash as the jackpot prize for just £1 for each card. This means that you can win up to £1.8 million up for grabs.
  • Instant Millionaire- Just like the one mentioned above- this scratch card has three jackpot symbols in order for you to become an instant millionaire with ten prize tiers according to the winning and matching symbols that range in value from a free card symbol all the way to the million-pound jackpot. Aside from the million-pounds at stake, you are also eligible to win £100,000 cash prize up for grabs for the lower tier prizes at stake.