The complete description about spin genie

Are you looking for complete description about the spin genie? Then, you can find your input here. It launched in the year 2014 and boasts up well the impressive portfolio of around 33 mobile casino games. This casino is even known to different players who run throughout whole site. It also holds the complete collection on the casino classics. It is the bestselling feature and definitely the one game which players around must check out. The mobile roulette of the spin genie is also exciting game and includes the excitement and thrills of casino online.

Play European roulette

The European roulette is even loved by many as the odd winnings are better considerably. On the spin genie, the players get the chance of enjoying free bonus for game play and you can also discover features of it without betting your own money. It is called as the free game of bonus online which even includes the 3D interface and turning wheel in center. Its description is beautiful that gives every player the feeling of being in actual land based casino. Your input here is present related to the betting options. The basic difference between American roulette and European roulette includes that former holds single zero while US version includes double 0 which makes it hard for players for winning.

In relation to mobile roulette bonus with the phone billing free, there are also different options. Playing this bonus is completely fun filled and easy. Some of the people even argue that different strategies are much more favorable, as compared to others. Theroulette is one, which has always been the game of chance. All you need to do is follow the below steps as,

  • Firstly select the chip size by clicking on number which corresponds on right hand place
  • Place chips on the colored and numbered circle
  • The players around can also choose the betting option which is available on side of numbers
  • Spin and then see if you won

When playing with the roulette free bonus, the players that get to meet wagering requirements get able to win. The betting can be done on European roulette which allows placing chips on single number. The bet even pays out most; however chances of winning on single number are bit low. You can also go for the odd or even or black or red. Such options have the 50 per cent probability of the payout wins.