Slot: A Familiarity In An Unfamiliar New World

Today’s world grows into a society where money continues to find its concentration in the hands of few who control a lot more than they need and less or vacant in the hands of those who might need it a lot more. Thus, slowly we are being dragged into a state of mind where earning or having money becomes a much more important priority than other facets of life. That is, however, understandable; as the world continues to turn into a consumer state, the middle class feels the continued burden to meet the demands of a society that bases its approvals on economic standards.

What is meant to be a commodity turns into luxury and the entire purpose of having something for the sake of having it rather than using it grows as a mild subconscious desire. Aesthetics too plays the role of a capitalist’s advocate as products of the yesteryears are sold for a much higher price under the well-crafted guise of nostalgia and aesthetics. What this means for the consumer is that they have a lot to buy but very little time or money to do so.


New world:

Now slot is not something new to the world’s populace, and an inevitable economic hierarchy seems to find itself in slot as it does anywhere in the world. One look at a ‘James Bond’ movie and we see how slot in casinos is seen as a white-collar event for the much more economically abled sections of society, while the less economically capable people are seen buying lottery tickets or investing in horse races, a scene is popularly shown in ‘Squid Games’. The distinction can even be seen in casinos where there are lottery machines, spin wheels and other machine games where people come in masses to invest their money for potential returns.

Games like bingo also seem to serve the same function, and thus the slot industry looks to cater to the middle class, which also supplements most of their income. Famous slot houses have started building much more economic casinos, which are attractive enough for the middle class to spend their money on in hopes of quick returns. The idea that money is just waiting to be earned works as an excellent reinforcement for people to spend money on slot. It is the imagery that our luck will turn on itself, and we can earn quick cash by investing a little amount of money. Slot thus becomes a comfort resort for those looking to validate their psychological subconscious of fulfilling economic needs and earning more money to perhaps fit into society.