Rules Of Playing Domino Games

There are different types of domino games available online. The basic domino games are blocking games while the scoring game is also popular. Furthermore, there are draw games and multiple variations of the existing games. To play these exciting games, you have to know the rules well in order to score a victory. Furthermore, you should play these games online only on a trusted website like QQPokerDomino. Click here to download Domino Qui Qui and have a great time playing poker games at any place at any time.

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Blocking games – The basic blocking games are generally played with two players. Total 28 tiles are served with face down and each player takes seven tiles. They are seated in such a way that each player can see only his tiles. The games begin with the downing of one tile each and it starts the line of the play. They keep on extending the line of play with one tile each on either side of the line of play. There are two ways to end the game. The first one is when neither player can play any further because they do not have tiles to match the values of the adjacent pair of tiles. The second way is when one player has played his last tile and won. The main objective of the game is to empty one’s own hand while blocking the opponent. One can always pull a tile from the unplayedtiles(stock) as long as they are available and the player does not have matching tile to extend the line of play. Click here to download domino qiu qiu and check out different online domino games.

Scoring Games – The main objective of the games is to score a point. But to score points, there are various way outs. For example, you get point for moves, configurations, emptying your hand and likewise. It works on the basic principle of calling domino before the tile is put on the table. In case a player does not say it before and someone else says it after the tile is put on the table, then the first player has to take up another extra domino and therefore, emptying the hands become one step difficult.

Draw Game – In this type of games, the players can draw tiles from the remaining tiles(stock) as much as desired. The score is determined by the number of pips the loser has and the number of pips available on the stock. It is called the traditional domino game.