Gambling in casinos-boon or curse?

  A casino is a public building where people gamble in card games, slots and other gambling games. Casino gambling is an exciting mode of entertainment that makes use of money as a medium of betting stakes.

Advantages of casino gambling:-

l  Several job opportunities are created by having a casino at various places such as Singapore, UK and USA. So it helps people who suffer from loss of jobs due to recession, inability to work and various other reasons.

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l  These casinos are expected to contribute to the country’s national product in countries like Singapore, UK and USA. So casinos have good economic significance on a country’s GDP.

l  Casino games form a means of recreation and entertainment for people and even enable most of them to reduce their mental tension and depression after a hard day’s work.

l  The income earned from casino business is used for promoting tourism and attracts a large number of tourists from various parts of the world.

l  The government is authorized to collect tax revenue from the casino operators, which brings in more money to the government’s pocket.

l  The space and atmosphere found in the casinos gives people a place to relax and enjoy.

Drawbacks of casino gambling:-

l  As we all know, casino gambling leads to many serious social problems like crimes, bankruptcy, prostitution, excessive debts, higher suicide rates and even family violence.

l  While gambling, people tend to spend a lot more money than they can otherwise afford. So many of them are likely to be in huge debts if they lose, which ultimately results into huge loss of property that cannot be restored.

l  Gambling of this kind often paves the way for gamblers to seize funds from their families and friends, to repay their gambling debts or finance their gambling stakes.

l  Lastly, gambling in casinos results into endless addictions that have severe consequences.

  Regardless, it has been seen that though gambling is opposed in many places, the advantages of casino gambling outweigh the disadvantages and so it should never be permanently banned. The essential of effective gambling is to approach it as a game and nothing more.

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